After School Program

The ACE Afterschool Program will be open after school from 3:15pm to 6:00pm during regular school days. Students participating in the program will receive academic support such homework help, tutoring, and enrichment learning. Students will also be introduced to different clubs like Sports, STEAM, Cooking, and many more.
✓ Free
✓ Transportation provided
✓ Snacks provided

To empower students through our after school program by providing amazing opportunities for personal growth, skill development and community engagement. We aim to ignite a lifelong curiosity in our students, fostering a love of learning and self-discovery.

Our vision is to create a vibrant after school program that serves as an instrument for students' whole development. We envision a safe and inclusive space where students can explore a wide range of clubs, sport and team-building activities. Through collaboration with dedicated staff, teachers, parents and community partners, we aspire to inspire a sense of belonging, achievement and purpose in every student.

  1. Cultivate Curiosity: Foster a sense of wonder and curiosity in students by offering diverse extracurricular activities that encourage exploration and creativity.
  2. Promote Personal Growth: Support students in developing essential life skills, leadership abilities and a strong sense of self-confidence.
  3. Ensure Inclusivity: Create an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and welcomes all students, regardless of their background or abilities.
  4. Provide Academic Support: Offer academic assistance and resources to help students excel in their studies and reach their educational goals.
  5. Encourage Community Engagement: Foster strong connections between students, parents, teachers and community partners to enhance the overall learning experience.
  6. Promote Physical Health: Promote physical wellbeing by offering a variety of sports and physical activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Create a Safe Space: Prioritize the safety and emotional wellbeing of students, ensuring that our program is a trusted and secure environment for all.
  8. Measure Impact: Continuously assess and evaluate the effectiveness of our program in achieving its mission and goals, making data-driven improvements when necessary.

By following this mission, vision, and these goals, our after school program aims to provide students with endless opportunities for growth, learning and personal development, while building a strong sense of community and curiosity that will serve them throughout their lives.

If you would like for your student to start participating in the ACE Program or if you have any questions, contact the ACE Program Coordinator.

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